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Hi, I'm Jan!  I am JH2O's Swim School Principal and am also part of the teaching team.


How I got into teaching:  I was inspired to teach while watching my childrens' swimming lessons 25 years ago.


I love teaching because:  Every pupil, every lesson, every day is different and after 25 years of teaching I still find it the most rewarding and enjoyable job ever.


My favourite stroke is:  Breaststroke, because although it is complex and challenging , it is satisfying to teach a pupil how to master and enjoy swimming Breaststroke.


My hobbies are:  Travel, ski-ing, spending time with family and friends, rides on Penelope Pashley, my bike!


My favourite food is:  Anything that someone else has cooked for me!


An interesting fact about me:  When I was preparing for my wedding (37 years ago) I attended jewellery making classes and I made my own platinum wedding ring, my husband's white gold wedding ring and all of the bridesmaids' silver necklaces.  

Hello, I'm Charlotte, and apart from my role of JH2O swimming teacher, I am also JH2O's admin assistant and help Jan behind the scenes in the JH2O office.


How I got into teaching:  I started assisting with Jan while I was at university and enjoyed it so much, I went on to do my ASA Level 1 and Level 2 teaching qualifications.


I love teaching because: I love to see the children progres from non-swimmers to confident, independent swimmers.


My favourite stroke is:  Breaststroke.


My hobbies are:  Swimming, dog walking, camping.


My favourite food is:  My grandma's spaghetti bolognaise!


An interesting fact about me:  I have always loved swimming and could swim by the age of two.  I have a dog called Lucy.

I'm Liz ... hello! 

How I got into teaching:  I enjoyed swimming and when a local club needed help, I did my training with them - the rest is history!


I love teaching because:  It is great to see children who have a fear of swimming actually achieve something for the first time.


My favourite stroke is:  Breaststroke, but to watch Butterfly being performed well is something to behold.


My hobbies are:  Walking ... I have just finished walking the Coastal Path in Norfolk.


My favourite food:  Italian.


An interesting fact about me:  I support Liverpool Football Club.

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